Glossary of Terms Used

Bearing The area of a member receiving structural support.
Building Designer The person responsible for the structural stability and integrity of the building as a whole.
Cantilever The part of a structural member extending beyond the end support.
Chord The horizontal timber members at the top and bottom of a joist.
Column A vertical timber block fixed between the chords of a joist.
Compartment Floor Separating two dwellings and required to provide sound resistance and 1 hour fire resistance.
Compression Block A vertical timber block fixed to the side of joists where substantial vertical loads are applied.
Dead Load The load produced by the fabric of the floor structure.
Decking Timber boarding providing the floor or roof surface.
Deflection Vertical deformation due to loading.
Dwang A structural member comprising of two chords with columns at set spacing.
Dwarf Wall A load bearing timber frame wall of similar depth to the floor joists.
easi-joist® An engineered joist made from stress graded timber chords fixed with galvanised steel webs.
EWP Engineered Wood Product - a man-made composite timber product.
Header Binder Horizontal length of timber fixed onto the top rail of a timber frame panel.
Imposed Load The load produced by the occupancy of a building including storage and inhabitants.
Intermediate Support Structural support within the span of a joist.
Line Load A UDL applied along a single line.
Live Load Also known as IMPOSED LOAD.
Noggin A horizontal timber block fixed between the chords of adjacent joists.
OSB Oriented Strand Board - a composite product made from strands of wood and glue.
Partition Wall Timber framed non-load bearing wall applying a load to the floor below.
Point Load A force applied at a single position.
Rim Board A product used on the perimeter of a building to enclose the floor structure.
Ring Beam A structural beam used to distribute floor loads evenly to the walls below.
Services Pipe work, ducting and cables laid within the floor zone.
Sheathing OSB or plywood sheets nailed to timber frame panels to provide racking resistance.
Span The overall length of a joist.
Strongback A structural timber fixed perpendicular to a run of joists to reduce deflection.
SVP Soil Vent Pipe.
Trimmable End Timber allowed for tolerance which can be removed without compromising the joist.
Trimmer A structural member framing a floor opening.
UDL Uniformly Distributed Load - either an area load (N/sq.m) or a line load (N/m).
Web A diagonal galvanised steel strut fixed into the chords of an easi-joist with pressed nails.